PPS House Chicago & PPS Externship Project

Pakistani Physician Society is pleased to announce the launching of PPS house and PPS Externship Project. The aim of this project is to provide subsidized temporary accommodation for incoming Pakistani physicians and medical students as well arrange externship experience in Chicago area with different physician members of the society who have volunteered to be part of the project.

Externships currently offered are in the following specialties:

Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Cardiology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Urology, Pediatric, Critical Care, & General surgery.

The duration of the externship in one specialty will be limited to one month. However, applicants can also apply for shorter duration externship. Preference will be given to students and physicians students who have not completed any externship or electives yet in the Unites States.

The project will accommodate up to 20 applicants per month who will be provided externship opportunity with the consultants associated with the project.

Applicants who are interested in doing an externship should fill out the application form by clicking on the link below and should also email the required documents as listed on the form to: ppshousechicago@gmail.com


Review and decision on application may take up to seven days.

At end of the externship period, applicants will be given a recommendation letter by the consultant. An evaluation form will also be completed by the applicant to give us feedback on the experience.


PPS Chicago is pleased to announce the opening of its first subsidized accommodation in Joliet,IL to facilitate doctors scheduled for rotations by the program in the Chicagoland Area. The accommodation is located at Apartment 303, 1857A Asbury Circle Drive,Joliet, IL 60435. The address is within walking distance from preceptors in Joliet. People interested in availing this opportunity during their rotations should go to: