President’s Message

Respected Members PDPSIL,

I would like to extend my NEW YEAR Greetings to you all. I am greatly honored to serve PDPSIL at the highest level.

PDPSIL is the most vibrant and most productive chapter of APPNA and we are very proud of this fact. As you all know that we are pioneers in starting new projects and setting high standards.

Our founding fathers and leaders have set an excellent example by their hard work, dedication, and resilience. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic to continue their vision and will strive to strengthen this organization even more.

I congratulate my predecessors for running this organization efficiently and we really had some good years but I promise you all that I will strive to make 2018 the best year of PDPSIL not just financially but morally and ethically as well.

I will introduce this organization to the mainstream USA and will not just make bridges among ourselves but also among mainstream US organizations.

I have the following goals:

1. Community Outreach:
A: Helping our US VETERANS
B: Helping our local Police Organizations.
C: Helping underprivileged kids in the community.
D: Once financially stable will offer scholarships for our high school graduates for the college education.
E: Food Pantry: Last month with efforts of our Past President, Dr. Aftab Khan received approval of a space and received a check of $2500, from APPNA Past President, Dr. Sajid Chaudhry, will get this project going and help local communities.

The above-mentioned projects will be for our local communities irrespective of Race, Creed or Religion.

2. Membership:
A: Electronic update of our membership list, as President-Elect 2017, have updated membership list and conducted successful HYBRID ELECTIONS, will continue to keep an updated list.
B: Encourage local Physicians to become members to strengthen the Society.
C: Encourage Young Leadership to come forward under the guidance of experienced leaders in the community.
D: Encourage to involve out of Chicago Members as this is the Society of Illinois, not just Chicago.
E: Encourage more involvement of our Past Presidents to get their guidance in a more organized fashion.

To keep complete transparency in the Social affairs will strive to conduct an audit for 3 years or more.

A: Increase services with more subspecialists.
B: Increase the timing/ number of days of the clinic.

Continue to provide services to our young physicians.

Once attain financial stability will start putting money aside for the Society.

I have organized an excellent team of physicians for the year 2018 to help our Society and community but I need help from all of you in terms of guidance, time commitment and financial help.

I would urge you all to feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or want to help.

Rahat Sheikh, M.D, F.A.A.F.P.

President PDPSIL 2018.