Executive Council Meetings

January 15th, 2012

The First Executive Committee meeting was held at Lal Qila, hosted by Dr Rubina Hussain & Dr Mansoor Alam.

– Dr. Hasina Javed Presented the budget for 2012, which was unanimously approved. This is the first time in seven years that a budget is presented and approved by the Exec. Council.

-Dr. Raza Khan presented the concept of PPS/APPNA Mobile Clinic. A committee is formed to further look into the feasibility of this project.

-Dr. Imtiaz Arain updated the participants on the activities at the PPS/APPNA clinic including hiring of a nurse practitioner & increasing the clinic hours.

Schedule for the upcoming Executive Council Meetings

Month Date Host Members
March 11th Dr Sabah and Dr Mirza
May 20th Dr Hasina Javed and Dr Sajid Mehmood
July 15th Dr Waseem Kagzi and Dr Nassar katariwala
September 16th Dr Raza Khan , Dr Israr Abbasi , Dr Samir Shafi
November 18th Dr Rubina Shahidi and Dr Anis Rauf.

All meetings will start at 11:30 am and all members are requested to let me know of their plans to attend / not attend the meeting in advance since a 50% EC(at least 2 officers ) is required for quorum according to the constitution.

Kindly RSVP at saimasabah@hotmail.com.

Dr. Saima Sabah
Secretary PPS