President’s Message

Respected Members PDPSIL,

I would like to extend my NEW YEAR Greetings to you all. I am greatly honored to serve PDPSIL at the highest level.

PDPSIL is the most vibrant and most productive chapter of APPNA and we are very proud of this fact. As you all know that we are pioneers in starting new projects and setting high standards... Learn More.

(PPS) APPNA Illinois Chapter
CME International Meeting 2018

Central Asia (Uzbekistan) & Russia (5th. International CME Trip)

Tuesday July 26– Sunday August 05 2018

(Departure from US July 24 return in US on Aug 5th)

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APPNA /PPS health clinic was started for the local community in 2008. The mission of APPNA/PPS Community Health Center is to provide patients the most effective healthcare services with the best possible outcomes. APPNA Health Center provides free primary healthcare to the community, irrespective of race, gender, nationality, financial status or insurance status...


Why Become a Member
One should become a member because PPS is the only and most prestigious organization of Pakistani Physicians in Illinois. This organization that is not for profit, free of political agenda and is working toward the promotion of social, cultural, educational and humanitarian goals. Led by the Board of Trustees (past presidents), the office bearers of Executive Council and our...

PPS House Chicago & PPS Externship Project

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