PPS IL Year Summary for 2020

"Dear PPS supporters and members. I wanted to share "summary report for PPS IL" for 2020. We really appreciate support from all of you. Because of your generous support PPS not only prevailed but did its real work as "non for profit" organization. This year was like no year we have ever experienced in our lifetime. Like any other organization PPS had to face several challenges due to cancellation of programs and loss of income. Alhamdulillah PPS pivoted, was able to adapt to the situation and to push in face of adversity. We realized that our society had a role to play during COVID-19 pandemic. We identified projects to support health care delivery, hunger prevention and medical education. Our council identified that these are much needed and impactful projects which will add value.


Here is list of these projects:

1-PPE distribution to DuPage county health and cook county corrections departments; Cost-$7000.

2-Support to ICNA Relief food pantry in Glendale Heights; Cost-$3000

3-COVID-19 helpline available 7 days week (ongoing); Cost-$6500

4-Support of six food pantries & two homeless shelters in city of Waukegan; Cost-$4500

5-Karachi Flood relief project; Cost-$26000

6-PPS house renovations: We have spent $12000 in necessary renovations. We had total loss of $34000 to run house this year, we kept the house with our commitment of helping young graduates from Pakistan in future. Currently there are no residents in house, house is worth $400,000-500,000 in value.

7-Support to local church in Waukegan to help indigent children: $4000

8-Support to food crisis in Devon area Chicago: $20000 ($16000 for ICNA Relief Food Pantry and $4000 for Zam's Hope Resource Center)

9-Conducted three CME programs on "COVID-19 " for our physicians in collaboration with Chicago Medical Society free of charge

10-Continued support to PPS/APPNA clinic in Westmont; Cost: $4000

11-PPS is collaborating with ICNA Relief to start Telehealth services. We have already signed MOU and working on recruitment of Nurse Practitioner. This will expand our ability to provide health care services which is part society's mission and vision.


PPS appreciates APPNA for its collaboration in PPS projects. Due to PPS efforts and activism it was recognized as

"Most excellent chapter for year 2020" among all other chapters by APPNA.

PPS has collaborated with several organizations this year to make difference and add value which include APPNA, Chicago Medical Society, ICNA Relief, CIOGC, CMMA, HDF (in USA) Khana Ghar, Seylani Trust and Shahid Afridi foundation (in Pakistan)

We thank you again and looking for your support to accomplish more in coming year."

Amin Nadeem, MD, FCCP-PPS President for along with EC & BOT for 2020