Achievements & History

The Pakistan Physicians Society affectionately known as PPS was a brain child of Dr. Nasir Rana in 1979 who registered PPS as an educational professional society and wrote its original constitution in 1980.


Dr. Mushtaq Khan was the first president and Dr. Nasir Rana its first secretary.


APPNA gave it a local chapter of APPNA status when it didn’t even had a local chapter or even a charter to issue such appointments.


In the last 40 years PPS had stood the test of time and had continued as a successful professional entity and had provided its tri-state members with many memorable events, both scientific and social.


Several of its members had achieved both local and national leadership positions over the years, in APPNA and Alumni associations.


Whenever a need for humanitarian or social emergency was appreciated whole of PPS membership as one body participated in most benevolent manner.


As PPS leadership navigates its course into new millennium rest assured that PPS will be there as a vibrant, professional and a caring society devoted to its members and the community it represents.