President's Message

Assalamualaikum Everyone


May I first start with a note of gratitude to the entire PPS community, our board members, previous presidents, and council members for giving me this opportunity to serve you as the president of Pakistani Decent Physicians for the year 2023. Our foundation has reached several milestones in the past years. I understand that these are big shoes to fit into but I promise I will do my best to take this organization to higher levels with transparency, honesty and humility. My goal is to empower our families that have settled here in the US to generate income to support our brothers and sisters struggling here in America and back home. It is our duty to work towards poverty reduction and economic development.


I have been with PPS for more than a decade now and with first-hand knowledge of this society's goals, financials, and challenges, it's vital to work to do more to help our fellow Pakistanis here in America and back home to reach our destination. My vision is to make a difference through the value of integrity and relationships. As the President of 2023, I am honored to steer this organization with our council elected to bring people together to work as a team. My aim for the future is to spread the vision of PPS to our Pakistani families both old and new. We all left our home country and have made America our new home with our children. As a father of five beautiful children ranging from six to sixteen, I want to encourage all families to come together so we can build a safe network for our children and our Pakistani community.  


Happy New Year!!


Nureain Mirza, MD.

President PPS 2023 & Executive Council PPS.



Dr. Tehmina Bajwa, MD.



Dr. Shahid Ahsan, MD.


President Elect:

Dr. Tariq Butt, MD.



Dr. Sarwat Shaheen MD.

Dr. Tariq Hameed MD.

Dr. Iram Ahmed MD.

Dr. Muhammad Nauman MD.

Dr. Mehwish Siddiqui MD.

Dr. Kanwal Zeeshan MD.


PPS Alliance:

Chair: Saba Mehmood.