PPS Annual Zoom Meeting

Alhamdolillah we have great PPS (Pakistan Physicians Society) annual meeting via zoom this afternoon. We appreciate all those who attended the meeting and all those who have supported PPS this year. My special thanks to Dr Samina Hijab, Nureain Mirza Asif Syed, All PPS councilors, Dr Sajid Mehmood, Dr Rahat Sheikh, Dr Omar Nasib, Dr Amera Rahman, ,Dr Aftab Khan, Dr Nasar Katariwala and All the past presidents. We appreciate congressman Sean Casten for his keynote speech and amazing speech on topic of “racial inequality” by EMAN Hijab.Hats off to all the members and supporters of PPS without their help we can’t function as an effective society.
Insha Allah this EC will continue to do things to add value and make difference.