PPS Ramadan Fundraiser Dinner

On April 17, the Pakistani Physicians Society (PPS) held a fundraising dinner to raise money in support of their various humanitarian projects. These projects include domestic projects such as their Telehealth project to provide all-inclusive healthcare (including labs, radiology studies, etc.) to citizens of the greater Chicago area as well as global projects, which include building a well in the remote village of Tharparkur, Pakistan. These efforts are geared towards providing care to all individuals- regardless of their race, creed, gender or socioeconomic status. In attendance at the fundraiser was the notable General Consulate to Pakistan Mr Javed Umrani, as well as the senior past presidents of our society Headed by PPS president- Dr Samina Hijab- and her cabinet members, past PPS president Dr Amin Nadeem, the fundraiser successfully raised over $40,000 to aid in these charitable works. Dr Samina Hijab said of the meeting: "It was truly humbling to see the Pakistani community unite to support the work PPS has been doing. We are hopeful that we will continue to positively impact the communities we belong to and are thankful for everyone who donated their time, efforts and funds to support these goals". The PPS organization is a reflection of the principle that despite attaining success, it is truly most important to give back to those in need.