PPS and CMS Achieve Major Milestone

Today PPS achieved a milestone in collaboration with Chicago Medical Society and Prism Labs Chicago by administering 200 COVID 19 vaccines to our community members at Islamic Foundation South, Villa Park IL. PPS realizes the importance of vaccinating masses against this serious disease. Besides starting Telehealth Services, running COVID 19 helpline and PPS/APPNA clinic. We realize that PPS will play a significant role in administering COVID 19 vaccinations in the greater Chicago area. We will be doing similar vaccination drives all year along. Many PPS elders were able to receive much-needed vaccines today and were really appreciative of PPS efforts. This mission will Insha Allah continue, we will keep making difference and adding value. I as President of PPS appreciate Dr Tariq Butt for his tireless and valuable efforts to enable PPS to achieve this important milestone. I also appreciate Dr Mehboob Kapadia and Zul Kapadia of Prism Lab and Dr Imtiaz Arain, Chair PPS Clinic Services and Dr Amin Nadeem, Chair PPS Telehealth Services and all the volunteers who participated.