Excellent Community Service Award for health care professional Award. Received by President PPS 2021.Dr. Samina Hijab

The year 2020 and now 2021 has been particularly challenging and tough for all healthcare providers as the COVID-19 pandemic took thousands and thousands of human lives all over the world, including Chicagoland, the frontline workers who risk their lives every day to make every Human life possible. Many health workers worked more than 18 hours every day. The Pakistani Descent Physician Society became a Partner of several other Social and welfare organizations to fight against the COVID-19 crisis.

The Pakistan Physician Society provided free Tele Clinic testing and vaccination clinics, focusing its efforts on the state of Illinois, including Chicago and its Suburbs who can't access clinics.

Dr Samina Hijab was recognized with the Chicago area's top award for Excellent Community service Award to the community for the group's work to help all the community during the pandemic. The Award was honoured for her during the Pakistan Independence Day Festival, Embassy suite, Naperville. The event was hosted by Shah Jehan Qureshi and Syed Khalil Ullah. The event was called Meri Pehchan Pakistan. Pakistan Consulate General, Mr Tariq Karim and other community Members and Several Elected officials were also present at the ceremony. The President of the South Asian Welfare Association, Ms Shah Qureshi award handed it over to her.

Dr Samina Hijab President, Pakistan Physician Society has been Awarded under the Excellent Pakistani Physician award category in recognition of her efforts to Fight against During the COVID-19 Crisis including spearhead improvements in the health system, strengthening research capacities and practice included.

During the interview, Dr Hijab said, "Throughout for Pandemic started it has been particularly challenging for our team, including all healthcare providers, all of whom have shown incredible commitment in their respective roles in responding to the Covid-19 crisis."

The Pakistani Physicians Society, with the collaboration of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America, provided funds for a project to support Fight against During the COVID-19 Crisis in need in Chicagoland.

The Pakistani Physicians Society provided a large number of supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical medical supplies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During The Pandemic, the Pakistani Physicians Society provided free telehealth services to patients using remote communication technologies where Doctors and Nurses were available for 24 hours to answer any health-related questions.

Dr Hijab and its team also provide mental health counsellors to domestic violence survivors during the Pandemic. PPS provides everyone with the highest quality of medical advice with no charge of any fees and without having to travel to a clinic.

Last year in 2020 Past President PPS Dr Amin Nadeem, Dr Hijab and their team were able to operate several free mass COVID-19 testing sites in Chicago and Suburbs. Currently in 2021 PPS is running several mass vaccine sites under the year 2021 President of PPS. Dr Samina Hijab.

The Pakistani Physician Society has been actively working during the pandemic to make a difference. PPS raised funds and collaborated with APPNA to help Churches, Mosques and Homeless Shelters with food and rations.

Excellent Community Service Award for health care professional Award. Received by President PPS 2021.Dr. Samina Hijab