Handover of Endoscopes & Inauguration of GI Lab at JPMC Karachi Donated by PPS

Assalamualaykum Everyone


Alhamdulillah, as promised we have delivered four endoscopes and a duodenoscope (worth appx $40000) to JPMC, and the GI lab was inaugurated last week. We are thankful to Allah and all of our donors for their immense support. We would also like to offer our gratitude to Dr. Habib Bawani for overseeing and supporting this project


PPS is also thankful to Executive Director JPMC, Dr. Rasool, Vice Chancellor JSMU, Dr. Memon, Dr. Younus Ismail, Dr. Rahat, Dr. Maliha, JSMUANNA and JSMU class of 1995 for their unconditional support to achieve this milestone.



Dr. Asif Syed President PPS,2022

Executive Council PPS,2022