Newsletter Jan, 2012

Dear Members,

In my January Letter to the membership, I pledged to strengthen PPS by streamlining the processes & develop policies and procedures. PPS EC has now taken several steps in this direction.

1- We contracted a CPA to help us with the accounting and to advice us on 501 C 3 status.
2- We also hired an Attorney to help with legal matter pertaining to the Society.
3- Our website is in process of complete revamped & will become more user friendly (
4- A Policy & Procedure book is developed for guiding future leadership.

All these actions were necessary to ensure that we start the new 501 C(3) society on the right footing and for good governance in long term . This should also give confidence to our donors that all the money they donated through PPS will be properly accounted for and use for a good cause.

We are now going to focus on two areas:
1- A successful Spring Meeting 2012.
3- Improve the APPNA/PPS clinic

Spring Meeting 2012

Spring Meeting is scheduled on April 28th, 2012 at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (Rosemont Convention Center), Desplaine , IL. This meeting provide plenty of networking opportunities with lavish dinner & entertainment. This years featured artist is Quratulain, Humsafar fame. She is an upcoming singer in Pakistan, very famous among the youngsters.

Tickets sale will start March 1st through our website PPSIL.ORG

PPS / APPNA clinic, Westmont, IL

PPS/APPNA clinic, which is now an establish institution, a peace of pride for PPS. Two weeks ago when I volunteered at the clinic, I was humbled by the gratefulness of the patients there. Some of them have not seen doctors in years, despite ailment, because of cost concern. These patients were from all differents ethnic & religous back ground and not just Pakistani community.

It is now time to extend this project, PPS leadership fully support this clinic and has assigned $ 20,000 to expand the clinic hours to two half days and hire a nurse practitioner. We salute PPS/APPNA clinic committee lead by Dr. Imtiaz Arain, Dr Aftab Khan, Dr Rubina Hussain & all volunteer doctors & staff for their dedication and time.

I hope to see you all at the Spring Meeting.

Waseem Kagzi M.D.

January 15th, 2012

The First Executive Committee meeting was held at Lal Qila, hosted by Dr Rubina Hussain & Dr Mansoor Alam.

– Dr. Hasina Javed Presented the budget for 2012, which was unanimously approved. This is the first time in seven years that a budget is presented and approved by the Exec. Council.

-Dr. Raza Khan presented the concept of PPS/APPNA Mobile Clinic. A committee is formed to further look into the feasibility of this project.

-Dr. Imtiaz Arain updated the participants on the activities at the PPS/APPNA clinic including hiring of a nurse practitioner & increasing the clinic hours.

Newsletter Jan, 2012