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APPNA/PPS Community Health Center
6412 S Cass Ave
Westmont, IL 60559

The Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA) Community Health Center is a non-profit organization. It was started as a health clinic for the local community in 2008. The mission of APPNA/PPS Community Health Center is to provide patients the most effective healthcare services with the best possible outcomes.


APPNA Health Center provides free primary healthcare to the community, irrespective of race, gender, nationality, financial status or insurance status. Other services that are provided at the clinic include: patient counseling, prescription medication, specialist referral services, lab and imaging services at reduced cost, and onsite ophthalmology exams, with the help of Dr. Pervez Rasul.

The clinic is open every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. Patients may make appointments or may see volunteer physicians on a walk-in basis. When the clinic first started, there were an average of 3-4 patients a week, now there are an average of 20 patients per week. Due to popular demand, a weekday will also be added.

Clinical Rotation Available in the USA(Illinois )

PPS is offering clinical rotations for Pakistani medical students and graduates seeking experience in the United States. Interested candidates should contact:

Dr. Tahir Rohail – or Dr. Sameer Shafi –


Dear Dr Arain,
Today, I am very excited to let you know about my Match result. I have been matched to Rosalind Franklin University, Illinois.

Thank you very much again for allowing me to rotate with you and later writing a great recommendation for me. I truly enjoyed my rotation with you and learned many things that I had not learned before. I really appreciate all the support and advice that you gave me during the rotation. The knowledge that I earned from you is very precious and if needed, it will be an honor for me to do anything for you in future.

Best Regards,
Tooba Rehman

Success Stories

It is a great feeling to be able to treat a sick patient, who does not have health insurance at the APPNA Health Center. At APPNA, basic treatments are provided at absolutely no cost, and most medications and lab tests are also provided. Specialist services are also available free-of-cost offsite. In one case, a patient was out of insulin and could not afford to buy more. Words cannot explain how he felt when we provided him the sample of insulin. It was like we had given him the most important thing in his life. This is only one of the many examples of how APPNA takes care of the community by providing basic healthcare.

Aside from patients, there are also several students, interns, and phlebotomists who volunteer weekly and benefit from this wonderful organization. Since the clinic began, two doctors who worked at APPNA as interns got accepted into residency programs. Hinsdale Family Practice residency program has added APPNA Community Health Center as a community health service site for their residents’ rotations.

Dr. Imtiaz Arain M.D.

Physician Volunteers are needed at APPNA health center. Please contact Dr. Imtiaz Arian at 630.219.0005.

Student volunteers are needed at the reception area of APPNA health center on Saturday’s from 9:00 AM till 1:00 pm.

APPNA/PPS Free Clinic Volunteers.

The Members and Officers of PPS would like to acknowledged the volunteers, Interns and doctors who have taken time out of their busy schedules to volunteer there time and services for the APPNA/PPS Free Clinic. Without them this center would Not have been possible.


Dr Iltifaat Alavi Dr Aziz Arain Dr Imtiaz Arai
Dr Aftab Khan Dr Ishaque Memon Dr Javed Imam
Dr zubair Syed Dr Nureain Mirza Dr Mohammad Toor
Dr Rubina Hussain Dr Rubina Tahseen Dr Kate Gunnell
Dr Ann Davis Dr Irum Humayyun Dr Waseem Kagzi


Physicians who are accepting our Referrals:

Dr Imtiaz Arain – Pulmonology practice in Lombard.
Dr Zubair Syed – Cardiology practice in Downers grove.
Dr Anis Rauf – Nephrology practice in Lombard.
Dr Pervez Rasul – Ophthalmology practice in Berwyn.
Dr Arif Agha – Urology practice in Oak brook.
Dr Samra Hashmi – Ophthalmology practice in Joliet



Dr.Rizwan Farooqi Dr.Nasreen Amina Dr. M Baksh



Faisal Khan Amna Aslam Aasia Fatima
Sundus Azeem Zareena Zaidi M Wahidi